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This blog chronicles life as a Safaricom Customer Care Representative.The ups and downs.The rumours & whats happening at Safaricom.Sambaza me your questions and feedback.

Monday, May 08, 2006

No mentioning Names!!

Loud and clear mentioning names..i will delete that posting that had the story continues

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mentioning Names

Hallo everyone..Now before i continue with the "story" i would like to ask your opinion regarding mentioning names.Should I or should I not? Please give me the feedback soonest so that i may resume .....
The better option

Friday, May 05, 2006

The salary,The basics,The tools

Lets start with the basics before we get to the juicy details.Get to know our tools of work & the work enviroment.A CCR gets into the call center,logs in into any free computer.There are 4 systems which are a must have.
1.The websmap/Eppix-This shows all your call records.
2.The intranet- This hosts all the supportive info simulations,product info,company communications etc
3.The HLR- This gives the techinical details,\ about your line...diverts,location,barrings
4.Outlook- Mail application for communication.

The CCRs work in 9 hours shifts starting from 6-3,7-4,8-5,11-8,12-9,2-11,3-12,4-1,11pm -8am.Most CCRs are graduates between 23 & 33.Some are just from college,a few got MBAs,& most are pursuing other courses.
The starting salary of a ccr is Kshs 35000,They have a generous medical scheme & get airtime worth Kshs 2000 every month.
They work in teams,with each team under a manager(who earns almost 100 K)
They are 6 call centers, water tea & coffee are in plenty...Do you get the picture?...In my next post i will start getting into the really interesting details..if there is anything you would like to know drop me a note...
the better option